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Leverage the speed and power of trust with EliteOwner™ and enjoy single point of contact access to Exclusive Events, Resources, & Connections to Help You Cut Costs, Reduce Risks, & Elevate Your Lifestyle.

EliteOwner™ Real Estate Club Members realize that It's Who You Know in Real Estate™ that can make all the difference.

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Owning property isn't always easy. And it definitely isn't free of risks or unexpected costs.

But Ownership Opens Doors™. And we're excited to share that a new door has just opened for you.

Too many owners find themselves struggling alone to keep up with the myriad of tasks, hassles, and responsibilities that come with owning real property, often having little to no background or formal training in property maintenance, asset management, or financial analysis.

While home owners can rarely afford to bring on a dedicated team of professionals to run their estate, this does not mean they should not be able to enjoy access to a vast collection of resources, tools, equipment, training, and vetted professionals to assist them in making the most of owning real property.

EliteOwner™ Real Estate Club members benefit from an expansive network of fellow Club Members and like minded home owners who leverage the speed and power of trust, enjoying single point of contact access to exclusive events, resources, and connections to cut costs, reduce risks, and elevate their lifestyles. EliteOwner Club Members realize that It's Who You Know in Real Estate™ that can make all the difference.

EliteOwner™ Club Benefits

We are always working with partners to find new ways to create and deliver more value to our members!

Achieve Ownership Goals

Our proprietary EliteOwner™ Club Member advising services help you discover and define your unique ownership goals. Your goals inform and guide your actions and decisions as an EliteOwner™.

Tool & Equipment Library

Got Tools? EliteOwner™ members get access to an exclusive collection of tools, specialty equipment, and even party/event gear. Members can utilize this collection to transform their house into their dream home or party venue!

Project Management Systems

Sometimes even the best of intentions and projects get lost in the shuffle of life. Our project management methodology & systems help keep your projects on track and moving forward until you achieve your desired outcome.

Concierge Help Line

Get access to our concierge help line for assistance with achieving the home ownership experience of your dreams. The focus of EliteOwner™ is on helping Club Members execute according to their desired ownership goals.

Member Socials & Mastermind Events

EliteOwner™ members love to collaborate and support each other! Members can receive valuable, honest answers, lessons learned, or even a new perspective from like-minded owners at exclusive socials & mastermind events.

Enhanced Property Values

EliteOwner™ Members enjoy the added benefit of enhanced property values as a result of systematic maintenance, and improvements along with documentation that illustrates the exceptional care and attention their homes have received.

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